Our Mission

Our Core Pillars

Explore the foundational elements that guide and inspire our ministry. Each pillar embodies a vital aspect of our spiritual journey, rooted in Biblical truths. They serve as beacons, illuminating our path as we grow in faith and purpose.

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Creating World Changers

Created in Christ to carry out the good works set before us, we strive to be agents of change, spreading hope, love, and transformation.

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What our students say

Since starting at 4:12 in fourth grade, I've transitioned from attending out of obligation to discovering a profound connection with Jesus through worship and insightful messages, particularly from Ms. Chapman, that deeply shaped my faith and understanding.
It's more than just a weekly gathering; it's where they form meaningful friendships that support their spiritual journey in everyday life, from school to sports.
I like 4:12 because we get to worship. I love the songs and praising the Lord.  I like seeing old friends and making new friends. It’s a lot of fun.
I like everything about 4:12. We have activities and singing, and I like being with my friends. I’ve learned a lot about the bible. And I faced my fear of stage fright.
4:12 is the community that you didn’t realize you or your kids needed. It’s like one glorified youth group that reaches beyond the walls of their own local church house.
4:12 creates a powerful and meaningful bond between members and the community in whole. The God's influence is visible in every action they do.

Our Mission is to unleash Christ centered, biblically anchored, world changers.

Embracing the freedom found in worship, we are liberated to express our heartfelt devotion to God, both in spirit and in truth. This freedom goes beyond mere rituals, fostering a deep and genuine connection with the Divine. At the very core of our faith is Jesus Christ, our beacon and path to salvation. He is the embodiment of truth, the wellspring of eternal life, and His teachings and example are the pivot around which our ministry rotates, steering us toward a life enriched with fulfillment and grace.

The Word of God stands as our ultimate guide and the fountainhead of wisdom, illuminating our journey and offering clarity and direction amidst life's complexities. Through the scriptures, we discover the fundamental principles and teachings that underpin our faith and inspire our deeds.

Understanding our unique place in the world as God's creations, we, as students, are invigorated to make a meaningful difference in the lives around us. Inspired by our creation in Christ to carry out acts of kindness and service, we strive to be agents of change, spreading hope, love, and positive transformation within our communities and beyond. Our mission is to embody the spirit of generosity and compassion, touching hearts and inspiring action, wherever we go.